Atölye Teta was co-founded by  Istanbul Technical University alumni duo, Ece Hapcioglu Karatepe and Tekin Karatepe in 2017. Ece and Tekin have won a Luxury Lifestyle Award together in 2019 and were the runner up team in Koctas Acik Fikir Competition in 2015.


Atölye Teta’s mission is 

  • -to combine previous work experiences in interior architecture and restoration fields 
  • to blend the past and today together via different materials 
  • to create modern interiors that mirror their users and indulge their needs, likes and their wellbeing
  • to come up with functional solutions to design problems and to design spaces that are relaxing and uplifting

Atölye Teta’s activity areas:


  • Interior conceptual design, turnkey developments, interior renovation and construction projects, fitout projects and project management
  • Interior design consultancy, to offer specialized solutions, programs and shopping lists tailored to their customers’ needs.
  • Planning, designing and consultancy of industrial warehouse and racking systems in the intralogistics field.
  • Fair stand design, mockup and installation.
  • Restoration projects for Historical buildings.
  • Corporate ID and Workplace Design and guidance.

Fields of Activity of Workshop Theta:
Interior architecture concept design, application projects, project management and implementation
special solutions for the demand of customers and clients,
preparing shopping guides
Planning, design of industrial warehouse and shelf systems in the intralogistics sector
and consultancy,
Standı Fair stand design and application
Res Restoration project design and implementation works of historical buildings
It covers corporate identity consultancy services.





Ece Hapcıoğlu Karatepe
Interior Architect / Founding Partner

Tekin Karatepe
Interior Architect / Restorer / Founding Partner