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E-Design Projects – Online Interior Design

If you live abroad and you need interior design services, we’re here for you with our E-Design Projects – Online Interior Design Services.

2019&2020 Luxury lifestyle Awards Winner in the Category of “Luxury Architect and Interior Design Studio in Istanbul, Turkey” Teta Interiors (AtölyeTeta) is presenting you E-Design services which is the most affordable way of getting your home tailored, designed and decorated specially for you.


-Furnished FloorPlan with dimensions
-Furnished FloorPlan with Materials
3D Renderings
-If applicable, a Shopping list with all the item links so that you can buy online
-One round of revisions *before rendering* so that we can change if there’s anything you don’t love and/or need a change in the floorplan


In our E-Design Projects process since we can’t be there in person to take detailed dimensions ourselves, we need the dimensions of your space from you including dimensions and places of openings like doors and windows. We need these details so that we can working on your design asap and make your dream space come to life!
We will need the following details:
+ At least 4 photos of each room
+Detailed dimensions of the rooms on a simple, hand drawn plan (including ceiling height and fireplaces, etc..)
+Locations of any doors, windows and wall openings
+Any wishes or thoughts you have about your space
+If there are any items you’d like to keep, their photos and dimensions
+If you have saved inspirational images that defines your style, we’d love to see them to have a sense of what you like.

Our E-Design Projects are not only for residential spaces but also for commercial spaces like restaurants, offices and shops. We’re here for your every need in interior architecture with our experience with conceptual and fit-out projects.

Our earlier project locations include Alberta Canada, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, two different projects in Michigan USA, and Bath UK.

If you have questions about our Online Interior Design services, please contact us at info[at]atolyeteta.com

You can also shop directly from our Etsy shop.

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Our Activity Areas:

  • Interior conceptual design, turnkey developments, interior renovation and construction projects, fitout projects and project management
  • E-Design – Online Projects for our International Clients
  • Interior design consultancy, to offer specialized solutions, programs and shopping lists tailored to their customers’ needs.
  • Planning, designing and consultancy of industrial warehouse and racking systems in the intralogistics field.
  • Fair stand design, mockup and installation.
  • Restoration projects for Historical buildings.
  • Corporate ID and Workplace Design and guidance.