Importance of Working with Professionals in Turnkey Projects

Importance of Working with Professionals in Turnkey Projects


Working with professional architectural teams in your turnkey projects for residential, office and workspace areas are crucial so that you don’t come across any post-finish problems. 


For a professional turnkey project, first thing to do is surveying the area without mistake and noting detailed dimensions. The detailed the dimensions are, the better the finished work will be. After the survey, drawing a site plan will make the work foreseeable. This way, us designers will be able to see the empty and occupied spaces and we can plan the organization of the space. This step is important because it makes the designers and the clients can see what to expect visually before the construction starts, and can make changes to it. A detailed survey, drafting and programming will show you the estimated price of the project. 


When the drafting process is done, the construction starts. First step there is to build the substructure and the infrastructure. If there are parts of the existing building/space to demolish, this should be done before building the infrastructure. After building the infrastructure, electrical structure and the plumbing, teams start working on building the floor, ceiling and wall surfaces. If these surfaces already exist, than the team should do leveling. After this step, the surface coverings, paneling, wall stucco and paints would be done. 


One of the most important steps of turnkey processes is the installation of furniture and the built-in equipment. Especially in residential projects, fixing the large furniture pieces like wardrobes and bookcases to the wall is a must. Since we’re living in a country that faces earthquakes frequently, fixing the furniture to the walls will lower the damage you’ll face in an earthquake situation. 


While making the furniture, the materials and the accessories chosen have a direct influence on the final price and the quality. Choosing the wrong accessories and materials will make the life of the furniture shorter. 


To make sure that the building/renovation process is going smoothly, you should choose to work with trained professionals. Construction teams that are not architects or interior designers might give you wrong advice in order to make the process easier for them.

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