Interior Architecture Projects & Decoration and Style Consultation

We can help you with Interior Architecture Projects locally and globally. If you only need a few touches to your home, we can also assist you with Interior Decoration, Style and Shopping Consultation.

What do we do?

We’re here for you on every step of your Interior Architecture Projects. First, we start by surveying the area you want us to design. After we learn a bit about you, your likes and your needs; we design spaces that live with you, useful spaces that you will feel healthy, happy and calm in.

We design the right space for you by shaping it according to your needs and we let you contribute! Because every design is a whole, we provide you the shopping aid to make our design and your dream space come to life. 

We also help you with the interior decoration of your space. If you have just moved into a new space and in need of decoration of styling, we have an interior decoration, style and shopping consultation service. We can fit your budget, buy and bring the decoration elements to your space or if you want to be more involved, we can shop for decoration elements together.

If you don’t desire to be involved, after we finalize the design and agree on a budget with you, we do the fitout and the construction work and we hand over the finished space to you in a way you can live in the next day. For more detailed information on our turnkey construction services, please read our

Turnkey interior projects, Interior Renovation and Construction projects, Fitouts and Project Management page.

Our Activity Areas:

  • Interior conceptual design, turnkey developments, interior renovation and construction projects, fitout projects and project management
  • E-Design – Online Projects for our International Clients
  • Interior design consultancy, to offer specialized solutions, programs and shopping lists tailored to their customers’ needs.
  • Planning, designing and consultancy of industrial warehouse and racking systems in the intralogistics field.
  • Fair stand design, mockup and installation.
  • Restoration projects for Historical buildings.
  • Corporate ID and Workplace Design and guidance.