Nowadays in big cities, land and real estate are very valuable so using your space correctly plays a key part in revenue. We make sure to design your industrial warehouse in the right and the most efficient way possible.

Whichever industry you serve in, we start by learning your data and your needs and we determine which storage type you will need and which types will add value to your company. After that, we bring you together with the firm that you will hire for your intralogistics vehicle services. We take the vehicles needed for your business type into consideration and we design and draw layouts of your industrial storage area. Finally, we connect you with the firm that will do the shelving work and you don’t have to manage this process at all.

Why should you work with a consultant?

Working with a consultant firm like us gains you our expertise and our know-how and makes it possible for you to use your industrial storage space in the most efficient way to contribute to your revenues. When companies don’t work with interior architecture knowledge while planning their industrial spaces, space and industry requirements can be looked over and this results in a one-type only planning. If you decide to work with us, we will plan your warehouse to fit more than one type of storage and vehicle and we will design accordingly, carefully calculating the circulation areas. This makes our service long-lasting and will bring your company forward by preventing time and real estate loss.